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Nail Perfect

Everything for nails.

In such a competitive market, we proudly introduce you to the products of Nail Perfect.

Outstanding quality at affordable prices.

We offer more than 2000 products from various product lines,

including nails systems (acrylic, gel, fiberglass), nail art, manicure, pedicure,

 implements, beauty cases, salon equipment and much, much more.





We like to keep up to date with international trends,

and one of our core focuses at the moment is Nail Art.

Just painting your nails? Think again... Gone are the days of baby pink tips and conservative colors.

Sleek cyber shades, texture, unexpected designs,

silver or golden hoops pierced through nails are taking over.

Nail Art offers endless opportunities for you to express your creativity,

and with such a wide variety of nail art products available

you can create anything you desire at minimal cost and effort.

The real effort is practising!

Technicians should aim to create their own masterpieces.

The basic techniques are easy;

all you need is a bit of imagination and the right equipment and products.

Nail Perfect For All Nail Technician's Needs.