The Nail Art Display Case

is ideal to present your nail art,

acrylic and/ or gel designs. Because of the transparent, plastic,

lockable lid, the tips will not damage

and stay dust-proof.


- Aluminium

- Transparent plastic lid

- Lockable

- Ideal to show your nail art,

acrylic and/or gel design

- No damage to the tips

- Dust-proof

- Easy to use

- Can also be attached to the wall


Diamond Cuticle niper

Cuticles reveal how much care your nails get. Excess cuticle not only gives your hands a neglected appearance, but also influences the nail growth negatively. Use the Cuticle Nipper Bling Bling to remove excess or damaged skin around the cuticle area. It is not only a necessity, but it is also very appealing for your eyes because of the rhinestones. An essential tool for every nail tech! Specialties

- 8 mm jaw

- Can be used for manicures and pedicures and all artificial nail services - Stainless steel

- For clean and neat cuticles

- Must-have tool

- With beautiful rhinestones £12.99

Black cobra gloves An essential part of the nail techs equipment. These gloves protect the nail tech from constant exposure to acrylic or gel products and dust. They also provide the ideal background to perfect imperfections in the nail enhancement. By holding the nail enhancement against a black background, any uneven spots immediately become apparent.

This product is not recommended for a person sensitized to natural rubber latex or with skin allergies. If you experience a reaction to this product, discontinue use.

Black tattoo Latex gloves are not intended to be used as a chemical barrier. Products should be shielded from direct sunlight, fluorescent lighting, x-rays, moisture or ozone. Store in a cool dry place.



Challenge for the nail tech - picking up and positioning mini caviar beads with your brush, dotting tool, picker upper. We have the ideal solution for you - The Mini Bead Applicator! The Mini Bead Applicator is the perfect tool for precision placement of your mini beads. At the press of a button, individual beads are released at the exact spot that you have pointed your applicator. The applicator releases one bead per press and has a precision tip to move any beads into place that may move around on the gel or polish surface. No more licking instruments to pick up a mini bead - this is an effective and hygenic solution to your design needs!

- For easy and precise application of mini beads

- Hygenic - no more saliva necessary to pick up the beads - Excellent color stability - mini beads are suitable for use with gel or acrylic

- No waste - the applicator ejects one bead at a time

- No spillage - the applicator holds all beads securely, no chance of knocking over jars - ideal for mobile techs - Non refillable - Contains 14 gram beads

- Available in gold and silver caviar beads £9.99

Organizer Lrg. Transparent PVC organiser to keep your workstation organized and all your equipment within reach.
Nail Desk Organizer Midium Transparent PVC organiser to keep your workstation organized and all your equipment within reach

Finally we have the answer to create an optimal C-Curve in a gel nail - The Nail Perfect Gel Clamp.

The Gel Clamp may be used to create a C-Curve on a gel nail created on a form as well as on natural nail overlays and tips.


Once you have applied your first layer of gel, cure for approximately 15 – 30 seconds in a UV light.

Remove nail from the UV light and place the clamp securely over the nail, from the middle of the natural nail along the entire length of the extension.

The clamp must be placed at exactly the same point on each side of the nail to ensure equal pressure which will create a perfect C-Curve.

Place the finger back into the UV light and complete the cure time.

NP Premium Forms

Brand Nail Perfect


NailPerfect Premium Forms are produced with a special glue; the nail form will not loosen during application. And with the adding of the special stiletto lines, Stiletto nails are very easily created. They are suitable for most nail types and can be used with both acrylics and gel.

Contains 300 forms per roll.


- For the perfect c-curve

- Designed with vertical, diagonal & horizontal guidelines

- Special stiletto lines

- Suitable for both acrylics and gel

- Disposable

- Perforated back to open form for clients with wider fingers

- Contains 300 forms per roll

NP Gel Sponges 80pcs

Brand Nail Perfect


Ideal to remove tacky layer from gel nails and to clean the brush. Lint-free

NP Blue Scrub 60ml, 250ml or 1000ml (1l)

Brand Nail Perfect


A natural nail surface cleaner. Blue Scrub cleanses and temporarily dehydrates the natural nail plate. Blue Scrub is an essential part of your preparation procedures for application of enhancements or nail enamel as it improves adhesion and reduces lifting. Prolongs the wearability of nail enamels. Removes contaminants from the nail plate.


Natural nail surface cleaner, cleanses and dehydrates, improves adhesion, reduces lifting


Nail Perfect Micro Styler #0000 - finest £6.99

Nail Perfect Micro Stylers are designed for detailed nail art, hand painting and gel design. The hairs of the brush are made up of a sable blend that offers enough flexibility to create the movement you want in the design, but at the same time allow for total product control in precision work. The sable blend creates a perfect brush for optimal paint and water absorption.

Nail Perfect uniform for nail technician Apron Be proud to be a NailPerfect nail tech and show it with this apron. It helps you promote the brand during your services, but also during trade shows and courses. Besides the promotional advantages this convenient apron with four pockets will also protect your garments.


- Ideal for trade shows and during courses

- Suitable for him and her

- Protects your garments

- Convenient with 4 pockets

- Black with white NailPerfect logo

- Made of nylon £12.99


Palette Ring £5.99

Wear this Palette Ring on your thumb while creating the most beautiful nail art. Use the rectangular stainless steel surface as palette and you will have all the colors at your disposal next to the fingertip. Ideal for blending colors and prevents cross contamination. Perfect for individual lash applications as well.


- Hands-free palette- Ideal for mixing colors- Adjustable ring

- Easy to clean- Hygienic- No cross contamination

- Stainless steel- Light weight

- Surface size: 2,6 x 3,3 cm

- Can be used with Nail Art Paint, Gels, Gel Polishes, Nail Polishes, Pigments, Lash Adhesive, etc.