Jewellery Nail Art Kit £39.99

All products you need to create

this unique designs using transfer foil and uv gel.

Kit include:

Nail Perfect Painting Fineliner

Foil design gel black

Gel for liquid stones

1x gold Transfer foil

Blue Scrub

All products you need for transfer foil in one foiling kit




 Nail Perfect Foil Design Gel Looking for a gel to help you achieve that “Liquid Gold” look? The Foil Design Gel from NailPerfect is the answer.

This unique black gel has much to offer.

Not only is it highly pigmented and can be used alongside your traditional color gels, but it has a dual function as a transfer gel for transfer foil. The Foil Design Gel creates the perfect tacky layer for your transfer foils to adhere to, allowing you endless opportunities for foil design.

The Foil Design Gel may be used for larger surfaces such as the smile line, or alternatively for intricate designs requiring the foil finish.


- Excellent adhesion for transfer foil

- Black color

- Color does not fade, dull, wear or chip

- The perfect addition to any color gel range

- Perfect for nail designs

- Cures on demand in LED and UV light

- Use on natural nails, gels and acrylics

- Self-leveling, making application easy







 Nail Perfect Dance of the spirits gel. £11.99 Best gel for creating liquid stone effect.

Get the Aurora Borealis on your nails with these NailPerfect LED/UV Gels.

Exceptional holographic effects created by the angle of the light. Great coverage – irresistible effect! No wearing, no peeling or chipping! All colors have a high gloss shine and are perfect over natural nails, gel, acrylics and pedicures. •Colors with pearlescent effect • Color does not fade, dull, wear or chip • Perfect for both fingers and toes • No odor • Easy one-coat application •Cures on demand in LED and UV light • Self-leveling, making application easy • Easy to remove






Gold transfer foil in plastic box with lid for easy store. Best thin transfer foil for jewellery nail art and foiling technique. Create the most stunning effects with these Transfer Foils. Use it between acrylics and/or gel or make good use of the stickiness of the cured gel to transfer the foil onto your design.


- Quick and easy way to decorate nails

- Can also be used to decorate accessories - Can be used in various ways with acrylics and/or gels