Nail Perfect Dipping sample kit
Product Description

Create the perfect acrylic nails in an easy way! Give your clients an alternative to acrylics or gel with the same natural look and quality as a traditional acrylic or gel nail. Use the Dippn’ powders in combination with the NailPerfect Sticky Base and NailPerfect Activator for beautiful nails in just a few easy steps!

Content: 25 gr

Features & Benefits

- Perfect manicure
- Quick and easy to use
- No mess
- No damage to natural nail bed
- No primer needed
- Non-yellowing
- Easily to remove in aceton in 15 minutes
- Available in 50 colors!


Step 1: Prep as usual and file the natural nail with a NailPerfect Sponge Buffer Round 180 grit to remove the shiny surface of the nail plate.
Step 2: Saturate a gel sponge with NailPerfect Blue Scrub and use to clean the natural nail plate.
Step 3: Apply NailPerfect Sticky Base onto the entire nail. NOTE: Keep a few millimeters from the cuticles and sidewalls.
Step 4: Apply NailPerfect Dippn’ powder in your favorite color on the entire nail by dipping the nail in the jar. Tap on the finger to remove excessive powder. Let the powder set for 15 seconds.
Step 5: Apply a second layer NailPerfect Sticky Base on the entire nail without touching the cuticles.
Step 6: Apply a second layer of NailPerfect Dippn’ powder on the entire nail. Tap on the finger to remove excessive powder. Let the powder set for 15 seconds.
Step 7: Apply a layer of Dippn’ Activator.
Step 8: Finishing options:
- Finish with Dippn’ Fast Air Dry Top Coat for a shiny finish.
- Finish with Dippn’ Air Dry Top Coat Matt for a matte finish.
Step 9: Massage the nails and cuticles with UPVOTED Cuticle oil Sweet or Psycho to top it off.


File the nail with the NailPerfect Halfmoon File 180/180. Saturate a Nail Wrap or Nail Foil and wrap firmly around the nail. Soak for 20 minutes, unwrap and remove residue with an Orange wood stick or Cuticle Pusher.