The Professional Brush Set of 7 brushes designed by Dorota Palicka brings a collection of the essential tools necessary for every professional nail techs. Brushes all have a fashionably engraved handle with a matching brush cap which slides onto the handle while in use. Each individual brush consists of 100% Kolinsky hair to offer the best in performance and durability.

The set contains 7 brushes listed below:

*Dorota Palicka Angular One Stroke Brush Level 1

Dorota Palicka One stroke brush level 1 have been created to paint in a single stroke.

Made from natural sable kolinsky hair for it best quality.

One stroke brush level one is perfect for quick and easy one stroke painting.

Use one stroke brush with : gels, acrylic paints, watercolors, inks, and for decorative nail art work.

*D'Master One stroke brush level 2

The ultimate micro brush for applying, blending and creating the most amazing one stroke designs. The smallest and most precise angular one stroke brush that the nail industry have seen.

Made from natural sable kolinsky hair

for it best quality.

*D'Liner Brush

D'Liner Brush is 9mm long fine liner brush with sharp point for expert painting.

The pointed bristles of this D'Liner Brush let you create smooth lines, scrolls and other fine details with your favorite paints or gels.

D'Liner comes with easy-grip metal handle which give a comfortable hold. Made with high quality sable kolinsky hair.

*Wax Gem Picker with dotting toll

Our gem picker is created and designed for ease of use and application of crystals and other small nail art decorations.

*Detailer nail art brush 5mm

The Detailer 5 nail art brush is a small 5mm length brush designed for precision painting and intricate detail work on the nail.

*Desire Nails Professional Diamond 3D Acrylic Brush #2

Desire Nails Professional Diamond 3D Acrylic Brush #2 3D acrylic brush is fantastic for all 3D Acrylic work on nail designs.

Brush bristles are made with the highest quality pure Sable Kolinsky hair. The body is made from Aluminum, for its light weight and designed to fit perfectly in your hand with great balance and control.

*Desire Nails Gel brush sharp oval size 5

Desire Nails Gel brush sharp oval size 5. Handmade and dsigned with the best quality.

Perfect for precise gel application around cuticle area. Made From The Finest Sable Kolinsky Hair.

The new Desire Brushes are specially designed by Award-Winning Nail Artist Dorota Palicka