Content Nail Perfect Gel Starter Kit with Fiber gel
LED/UV Sculpting Gel Crystal I 14gr,

LED/UV Sculpting Gel Transparent Pink 14gr,

LED/UV Desire Nails Fiber Gel Perfect Rose 14gr,

Universal Air Bond 5ml,

UPVOTED Block the UV No Wipe Top Gel 5ml

LED/UV Sculpting Gel
Like the traditional Sculpting Gels these LED/UV Sculpting Gels wear naturally and are ideal for tip overlays and sculpting, but cures faster in LED light. This LED/UV formula has slow and even self-leveling properties, which gives you total control and workability. They are odor-free and have a permanent high gloss shine.

Fiber Gel
The NailPerfect Fiber Gels creates an optimal adhesion, even on problematic nails. Fiber Gel is the perfect product to create thin and extremely strong nails because of the fiber particles.