UPVOTED CATEYE is a mesmerizing magnetic gel. It comes in four different shades. With a two sided magnet you can create different dimensions in your design.

The UPVOTED CATEYE is a definite eye-catcher!

- Easy brush application
- Cures in LED 60 sec. and UV 120 sec.
- Comes in 4 different shades
- Rich vibrant colors
- Perfectly soakable

Step 1: Prep the nail as usual.
Step 2: Use UPVOTED Soak Off Base Gel on the natural nail.
Step 3: Preferably apply a dark gelpolish color and cure.
Step 4: Apply a thin layer of UPVOTED Cateye of the shade of your choice.
Step 5: Use the 2 sided magnet to create the pattern of your choice and cure for 60 seconds.
Step 6: Apply an UPVOTED Top Gel of choiche for a perfect finish