Powerful, but very compact and portable, that is the Krafit K-38 Portable Electric Filing Machine. It is an ideal electric file for both starters and the more advanced nail technicians. The speed is adjustable up to 30.000 rpm and has a forward and reverse function. You are able to change the direction of rotation without stopping, just push on the reverse button and the electric file will rotate in the other way automatically. The Krafit K-38 Portable has hardly any vibration and produces no heat. The twistlock hand piece makes changing the bits very easy and can be placed in the silicon holder when not in use. It works with rechargeable batteries and with the included power cord as well.
- Portable
- Compact design
- Rechargeable batteries (Li-Ion)
- Running time max 8 - 4 hours
- Power cord included
- Speed: up to 30.000 rpm
- Digital speed display
- Battery level LED display
- Overcharging protection
- Automatic power saving function
- Forward and reverse function
- Adjust to reverse function without stopping
- Foot pedal function - operates with foot switch
- Twistlock handpiece
- No vibration
- No heat
- To use with bits with Ø 2,34 mm
- With silicon holder
- Dimensions of the drill (w x l x h): 7 x 12,7 x 4 cm
Category: E-file and Bits