Sculpting coffin gel nail extensions, sculpted gel, apex, gel pinching, c-curve. By Dorota Palicka

Posted on 5th October, 2019

No secrets 🤗🙈 best nail tutorial on coffin shape nails which lasted 6+ weeks. 😁From correct nail prep do the nails last over a month to firm application. 🤗 Gel sculpting (nail perfect led gels) with pinching, get this Perfect c-curve and correct apex placement, filling techniques for best coffin, ballerina nail shape. Best nail chrome application (indigo silver glammer) and 💎Swarovski 💎crystals that last. You have to share this tips and knowledge with other nail technicians. Love ❤ Full tutorial on sculpting with gel, from: nail prep, for application, gel application, pinching gel, shaping coffin nails with nice c-curve amd apex.

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