Doing my nails - not dominant hand. Doing own nails home. Chrome nude coffin nails. Nail idea 2020

Posted on 5th June, 2020

Crystal nail trend. Nails 2020. In this nail tutorial I will be doing my own nails at home my right hand with my left ( not dominant hand). Doing my own nails is a real struggle. 🙈 painting roses nail art with my left shaking hand.🤣 I'm here every Monday afternoon and some Wednesdays and Saturdayswith you to give you free nail education 🤗 to help you expand your nail career. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If so please share it for me ❤❤❤ Join this tier and see more videos on my You Tube channel you will be helping keep me going with all the Free nail education I provide on my Channel. 💎 You will also receive my love and gratitude. ❤️

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