Challenge for the nail tech - picking up and positioning mini caviar beads with your brush, dotting tool, picker upper. We have the ideal solution for you - The Mini Bead Applicator! The Mini Bead Applicator is the perfect tool for precision placement of your mini beads. At the press of a button, individual beads are released at the exact spot that you have pointed your applicator. The applicator releases one bead per press and has a precision tip to move any beads into place that may move around on the gel or polish surface. No more licking instruments to pick up a mini bead - this is an effective and hygenic solution to your design needs!

- For easy and precise application of mini beads

- Hygenic - no more saliva necessary to pick up the beads - Excellent color stability - mini beads are suitable for use with gel or acrylic

- No waste - the applicator ejects one bead at a time

- No spillage - the applicator holds all beads securely, no chance of knocking over jars - ideal for mobile techs - Non refillable - Contains 14 gram beads

- Available in gold and silver caviar beads
Category: Nail art